Our Partners

Working together to accomplish the same objective, SMI is interconnected with a network of national churches and ministries. Our goal is to bring men, women and children to faith in Christ, build his church and encourage the hopeless.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the church at Corinth and told them he became all things, to all people, that by all means, he might save some. SMI uses multiple means to introduce people to God’s love and the hope that is found in Christ alone.

Here are some of our partners and projects:

Antioch Movement | Church Planting

Financially supporting the training of pastors and leaders to reach their communities for Christ

Imagine the impact—four million men, women and children in Moldova hearing a clear presentation of the Good News of God’s love and Christ’s payment for their sin. This is the goal of the Antioch Movement.

The Antioch Training is designed for local pastors to catch the vision to reach every man, woman and child with the Gospel in their area of responsibility. This begins with their neighborhood, and progresses to their region, their nation and to the ends of the earth. Summit Missions has been involved in this endeavor since 2009 when it was initiated in Moldova.

In November of 2011 the first of four Antioch Training sessions was held in Chisinau, Moldova. As a result of this November meeting, the pastors that attended were so excited about the material they suggested repeating the session so that other pastors could participate. In February 2012 the first session was repeated and there were six churches and two church planting teams represented.

Because of your continued financial support, SMI has been able to sponsor and assist in these training sessions. You are helping to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

                                                                             Please pray:

  • For these participants to start training sessions in their areas
  • For additional churches to embrace the vision
  • For the churches in Moldova to work together to accomplish the vision of reaching their own country and beyond with the Gospel
Children’s Summer Bible Clubs

Underwriting 30+ Bible Clubs to raise the visibility and credibility of formerly persecuted churches

SMI has been involved in children’s ministry since 1994. This ministry started in one village and has grown through the years. We have transferred this ministry to national leadership. The program currently has 1700 children that attend Bible Clubs, and there are over 30 churches that participate. Church leaders are encouraged to keep in contact with the children and invite them to their Sunday programs and hopefully reach their parents.

Because these churches are limited in resources, SMI sponsors church-based summer Bible Clubs providing teacher training and materials, crafts, lunches, and snacks.

Children Of The Street | Feeding Program

Providing funds to feed poor children physical and spiritual food

In 2004 SMI shipped a steel structure that would be erected at the church site at Grigoriopol. Our Summer team, along with men from the church worked together to construct the building.

The pastor of the church saw the need to reach out to the poor children of the area. As they came and asked for bread, his heart was burdened to begin a “feeding program”. They would be fed physical food and they would also be fed spiritual food. Thus “CHILDREN OF THE STREET” was birthed.

The children come, have a Bible class, a hot meal and then Olga (the director) helps them with their homework. Andre who also works with the program assists Olga and counsels the children.

Each child has their own Bible that they read and study each day when they come. According to Andre, “this is better than Sunday School because they are here daily, not just once a week.”

As they come, they begin to change and they want to be actively involved in the church’s children’s programs.
Summit Missions is committed to continuing support for this program. We believe that the future of the country is within the hearts of the children.

Everything English | English Speaking Clubs

Conversing and interacting with high school and college students to give them an opportunity to better their English speaking skills, while giving an opportunity to share the Gospel

In the Summer of 2010 SMI held its first English Club. These clubs are designed to give the campers (high school and college age young people) plenty of opportunity to speak and improve their English skills. This atmosphere provides a great place to build relationships with non-believers over meals, games and activities in addition to the language lessons. The ultimate goal is to provide a platform to share the Gospel.

The last two years we have partnered with Campus Crusade (CRU) to assist in facilitating these camps.

If you speak English and would like to spend a week pouring your life and His love into young people, please consider this opportunity.

The Gospel Through Construction Projects

Providing materials and labor to encourage believers and testify to God’s love through the construction and repairs needed

Using building skills is a wonderful way to bless believers in other lands. Different styles of equipment, crude or antiquated tools, language barriers and availability of supplies all combine to make the construction ministry challenging.

When confronted with a problem in the States we simply call the “experts” for advice. In Pridnestrovie we often become the “experts” as we work against the short-term time restraints. It goes without saying these situations can stretch your faith and revitalize your prayer life.

Our construction and remodeling projects have included building three churches, a Sunday school addition, remodeling rooms at Parcani Orphanage, and countless projects for the foster families of Help the Children.

Joel Barrett is our construction coordinator and has traveled to Asia, South American and Eastern Europe to use his skills to bless others. He is always ready to serve God with his whole heart.

Consider this a personal invitation from Joel to come along and use your skilled (and unskilled) labor for the Lord.

Help The Children | Foster And Transitional Care

Facilitating ministry to orphanages through regular visits, needs assessments and spiritual influence

SMI is a strategic partner with an organization called Help the Children (HTC). SMI provides administrative oversight for HTC and represents their interests in the United States.

HTC places at risk children into Christian homes. These children are supported by sponsors. In conjunction with HTC, we provide home improvement and repair assistance to selected foster families that demonstrate the greatest need.

The Transitional Care (TC) program provides life skill training and development in a group home environment for children who have finished high school and are transitioning into society from orphanages.

Sponsor A Child
Mission Exposure | Short Term Mission Opportunities

Experience a new culture as a missionary for 10-14 days

Be a part of a short term team experiencing and serving in a different culture from your own. Short term teams participate in various activities based on the need of our ministry partners. Some of the teams have worked at orphanages, helped lead and teach conferences, constructed buildings and remodeled facilities, teaching English, helped with outreaches and many other projects. The goal in doing short-term trips is to do them with a long-term vision. We want to build on the foundation that was laid from the previous work done by our teams. This is possible because of the partnerships SMI has with local churches and leaders in the regions in which SMI serves.
Short-Term Trips
National and Local Church Partners

Providing and facilitating opportunities for national churches and USA churches to partner to advance the kingdom of God

More information about Church Without Walls to come soon!
Metanoia Harvest Church is located in Chisinau, Moldova.

Cristi and Luda Calin and their four children live in the capital city of Chisinau. Cristi has been involved in 6 church plant projects.

This journey began in Slobedzia where he served as a youth pastor. It was there that we met him and have watched God lead him throughout the years. He played a key role in the Antioch meetings in Chisinau in 2009.

Shortly after this he made contact with Harvest Bible Church and their training program for national pastors. Cristi came to Illinois and participated in the training. After returning to Chisinau and following through with the plan for a new church plant, Metanoia Church was birthed.

Pray for this new church. Ask God to encourage their leaders and keep them strong in the Word.

Open Heaven Church is located in Tiraspol, Moldova and is an active church with a big heart to reach its community. SMI has assisted their development, sponsored evangelistic programs, partnered in neighborhood and city outreaches, and provided leadership development and English classes.

New Life Moldova | University Ministry

Provides special programs and monthly support for the campus leader

Igor Velicanenco, his wife Christina and their children live in Tiraspol, Moldova. They graduated from Donetsk Christian College in Ukraine. After graduation, they were involved in a church in Transnistria, Moldova.

It was during this time that they met someone from New Life Ministry (Campus Crusade) in Moldova and he told them how God was changing the lives of Moldavian students. They were excited to hear this, because it was God’s answer to their prayers. They had opportunities to attend different student conferences and each time they were burdened more deeply for college ministry.

In 2005 they began serving on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. They spent four years ministering at the Kishinev Academy for Economy. Then, in 2009 they moved back to Transnistria to minister there.

Pray for their outreach to the university students.

Not Bread Alone | Humanitarian Aid

Mobilizing volunteers to provide basic supplies to assist people in need and distress

Summit Missions International receives donated goods (clothing, shoes, toys, household linens and soap products) from individuals, companies and other missions. These goods are sorted, packaged, and palletized for shipping by faithful volunteers. They are then loaded into 40-45 foot containers and shipped overseas. The actual shipping time is normally 8 weeks.

After clearing customs, Christian friends in Transnistria (Moldova) with whom we partner distribute the goods to:

  • Orphanages
  • Thrift Stores which employ believers and provide low cost clothing and household items to local people.
  • Elderly
  • Village Churches

SMI is also available to assist churches and organizations ship relief goods to various mission fields. Contact us for information.

Please consider becoming an SMI volunteer. Our regular volunteer hours are Wednesdays from 9 a.m. until noon. At 11:30 we have a pot luck lunch, devotional and prayer.

Additionally, Tuesday and Thursday mornings are offered from 9 a.m. until noon for volunteers who are unable to attend on Wednesdays.

The Least of These | Orphan Ministries

Sharing the love of God with forgotten children through various acts of kindness

SMI facilitates ministry to orphanages through regular visits, needs assessments and spiritual influence. We also meet the physical needs of the orphanages: blankets, sports equipment, food, appliances and remodeling/repairs are some of the ways in which we are helping.
Thrift Store Project | Business as Missions

Providing affordable products for resale, employing believers, and helping to fund foster care for orphans

SMI partners with Mark Fashevsky, a national business man from Tiraspol, Moldova who has been a long time friend and associate of Summit Missions. In 2006 he initiated a thrift store in Transnistria. Mark is the director of the stores and also the founder of Help the Chidlren (HTC).

SMI helps supply these thrift shops by providing goods that are processed at the SMI warehouse and shipped to Transnistria for distribution. Some of the goods go to the thrift stores and some are for general humanitarian distribution. The thrift stores have been successful and are able to generate enough income to accomplish the following:

  • Employs believers from local churches in a place where there is high unemployment.
  • Pay all the expenses that are related to the operation of the stores, including the shipping costs.
  • Provide $2000 from each container for the operation of Help the Children.

Turkmenistan Project | New Central Asian Outreach

Financially helping a house church planter reach people with the Gospel

More information is withheld due to the sensitive nature of this region.
Walk Out The Word | Evangelism and Special Outreaches

Sponsoring a variety of outreaches focused on evangelism

SMI partners with local churches for blanket distribution, outreaches and construction projects.