Working together to accomplish the same objectives, SMI is interconnected with a network of national churches and ministries. Their goals are to bring men, women and children to faith in Christ, build His church and encourage the hopeless.


Moldova is situated in Eastern Europe between Romania and Ukraine. The population of Moldova is 4.3 million people and it is slightly larger than the state of Maryland. The capital of Moldova is Chisinau. Ninety-eight percent of Moldovans are Eastern Orthodox Christians. There are small populations of Jews, Evangelical Protestants, and Roman Catholics. The practice of religion was repressed during the Soviet era, but the people are now rebuilding their churches, attending services, and celebrating religious holidays. Religious devotion is rising, and religion is expected to play a greater role in the society’s future.

Transnistria, Moldova

Transnistria is a landlocked independent province of Moldova. There are 537,000 inhabitants, and the capital of the region is Tiraspol. Less than 1% of the population consists of evangelical believers.

Central Asia

Central Asia is a very difficult area of the world for the Gospel. It is estimated that there are only .037% of evangelical believers in this heavily Muslim populated region.

Global Opportunities

Over the past 20 years SMI has shipped millions of pounds of relief to multiple countries: Afghanistan, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Central America, Kosovo, Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Liberia, Kenya, Ukraine, Zimbabwe.