Child Sponsorship

HTC believes every child deserves to have the love, protection and care provided by parents; and recognize the family as being the most favorable setting for a child to develop and grow physically, spiritually and emotionally.
HTC partners with local Transnistrian churches in order to inspire and motivate national Christian couples to provide a home.  It is  HTC’s  goal to protect and provide sufficient care for the orphaned child by placing them in a nurturing, safe and loving environment, and to provide the family with ongoing training and to help support the child’s basic needs.

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Become A Child Sponsor

  • $35/Month Supplies The Child's Basic Needs

    This includes meals, school supplies, clothing, medical services and child related services (counseling and legal services).

  • Correspondence

    The child sponsorship program is designed to allow you the opportunity to develop a personal link with the child you sponsor through written correspondence.

  • A Life-Changing Gift

    Your financial contribution will have a life-long positive impact that will help ensuring that your sponsored child reaches his or her full potential.

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